Blanca Is My Name: Or, How I Saved the Buffalo on the Texas Plains

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Blanca’s white fur marks her as different. In a sea of dark brown hides, she always stands out, and other young buffalo treat her cruelly because of it. Even her one trusted friend, Battus, disappears from her life. Blanca just wants to be normal—to love and be loved. But as settlers take over Texas and slaughter whole herds of buffalo, her destiny begins to unfold. The Comanche Indians revere Blanca as a magical creature. The fate of all buffalo depends on her, they say. Can she really save the buffalo from extinction? Blanca Is My Name is the second in the Animal Legends Collection. The first book, They Call Me Old Blue, won the 2002 R. C. Crane Award for “best fiction book on West Texas.” Both are based on true events.

Volume 2 in Preston Lewis's popular Animal Legends series.

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