Hank the Cowdog - The Complete Set of 74 Books with Free Shipping

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This is the complete set of all 68 books in the Hank the Cowdog Series
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Why waste time collecting Hank the Cowdog, one book at a time, when you can own the entire series? All of the current 72 books are included and a deck of Hank the Cowdog Playing Cards, plus free shipping in the United States.

This is a set of 74 paperback books - 5 x 7.5 inches - roughly 120 pages each, but vary - some include games & quizzes — Described by USA Today as The Best Family Entertainment in Years, join Hank the Cowdog, head of ranch security, and his friends on the hilarious and never-ending journey through the trials and tribulations of life on a Texas ranch. This popular, long-running series of humorous children's mystery novels are geared toward the younger reader, but funny enough to entertain the adults. Perfect for family reading time.  Reading level is 8 & Up

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